Legal Plan

The Legal Resources Legal Plan provides 100% coverage on a broad range of legal services.  Whether your legal matter is expected or unexpected, you’ll have immediate and ongoing access to our network of highly rated law firms. You pay no attorney fees for all Fully Covered Services, which include will preparation, traffic court, advice and consultation, real estate matters, divorce, billing disputes, and more! Pre-existing legal matters are even covered at a 25% discount.

Live More, Worry Less. Now, you can Relax You’re Covered

white square icon with blue lockIdentity Theft Protection Plan

The Legal Resources Identity Protection Plan continuously monitors thousands of websites, chat rooms, blogs, and public records for potential threats to your identity. You will immediately receive an alert of suspicious activity through our rapid alert system via email. If you become a victim of identity theft, you will speak with certified protection experts who know exactly what to do to help you recover from identity theft quickly.

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