State Accreditation

School accreditation ratings reflect student achievement on Standards of Learning (SOL) tests and other approved assessments in English, history, mathematics, and science.  Ratings are based on the achievement of students on tests taken during the previous academic year or on a three-year average of achievement.

The school accreditation benchmark for mathematics, science, and high school English is 70 percent.  The benchmark for English in elementary and middle schools is 75 percent.  In addition to assessment pass rates, student attendance; high school graduation and completion rates; and college, career and civic readiness experiences are also factored into accreditation ratings.

For additional information regarding state accreditation, including the accreditation ratings for our division’s schools, please visit the following Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) webpages:

View School Accreditation Ratings

View Virginia’s Standards of Accreditation


Revised 5/21/2019