Standards of Learning (SOL)/Growth Assessments

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires students in grades 3-12 to take the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments each year.  Certain tests are required by all students each year, and others are required only at specific grade levels.  Virginia SOL tests are given in reading, writing, math, history, and science.  Additionally, students in grades 3-8 are required to take Growth Assessments to measure learning growth in reading and mathematics throughout the school year.  While these assessments are developed and administered locally, they are a requirement of the VDOE.   The scores and results  from these tests determine a school’s and the division’s state accreditation and measures progress toward meeting federal targets.  The results also provide the district with data that will be used to direct instruction.

SOL and Growth assessments are generally given online unless a student has an identified and documented need to be assessed using paper/pencil format.  The test question format is typically multiple choice, and each test contains some technology-enhanced items.  Additionally, the Writing SOL tests include a short paper assessment that is generated by students response to a prompt. Students will receive online practice at school, but links to practice tests can be found below so that students and parents can familiarize themselves with an SOL test on their own.


SOL and Growth Assessment Testing Dates for 2022-2023

Elementary Schools:
September 19-30 (grades 3-5; Reading & Math)
February 1-17 (grades 3-5; Reading & Math)
May 22-June 12  (grades 3-5)

Middle Schools:
September 19-30 (grades 6-8; Reading & Math)
February 1-17 (grades 6-8; Reading & Math)
March 24-April 6 (Writing grade 8)
May 22-June 12  (Non-Writing grades 6-8)

High Schools:
Semester 1:
October 24-November 4 (Writing online testing)
October 17-19 (Writing paper/pencil testing)
January 4-24  (Non-Writing testing)

Semester 2:
March 6-17 (Writing online testing)
March 20-22 (Writing paper/pencil testing)
May 11-June 2 (Non-Writing testing)

Standards of Learning Information:

Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)
Division of Assessment and Reporting Links:

VA Standards of Accreditation

Information for Students and Families

SOL Participation and Inclusion

SOL Currently in Effect for VA Public Schools

Growth Assessments

SOL Released Tests

SOL Practice Tools

CAT Test Information

SOL Test Scoring

SOL Practice Links:

Jefferson Lab: VA State SOL Practice Tests

SOL Practice Items

Kwizopia SOL  (iTunes app – free download)

SOL and Growth Assessments for 2022-2023

Elementary Middle High
Grade 3
Grade 6
Civics & Economics
End-of-Course English 11 Reading English 11 Writing Algebra I
Algebra II
World Geography
World History I
World History II
VA & US History
Earth Science
Grade 4
Grade 7
Grade 5
Virginia Studies
Grade 8



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