Dr. Tracy Cioppa

Tracy has over twenty years’ experience with Chesapeake Public Schools and this is her first year with Assessment and Accountability.  She is the liaison between the school district and the Virginia Department of Education. Tracy oversees all testing for Chesapeake Public Schools and also serves as the school improvement district contact and the Division Director of Testing (DDOT).


Administrative Staff:

Dr. Joseph Schipper, Supervisor of Assessment

Dr. Joseph Schipper
Supervisor of Assessment

Joe is into his third year with the Assessment and Accountability team. He facilitates all aspects of Statewide testing (SOL, Growth, New VAAP) and is our test security trainer. Joe also serves as a Division Director of Testing (DDOT).

Melissa Oliver, Administrator for Data and Reporting

Dr. Melissa Oliver
Supervisor of Data and Reporting

Melissa has 30 years’ experience with Chesapeake Public Schools and joined the Assessment and Accountability team over three years ago. She oversees state and federal data collection, validation, and reporting for the school division.

Kiondra Russell, Assessment Specialist

 Kiondra Russell
Supervisor of Assessment
(Alternative Testing and Local Assessment Testing)

Kiondra is starting her eighth year with Assessment and Accountability. She oversees our Virginia Alternate Assessments and assists with Chesapeake’s local assessments. Kiondra also serves as a data analysis trainer for our schools.




Support Staff:

Angela Garrett, Assessment Clerk

Angela P. Garrett
Assessment Clerk

Angela has been with Assessment and Accountability for eighteen years.  She assists with our Statewide testing (SOL, Growth, New VAAP).

Shawnna Mustgrave, Assessment Administrative Secretary

Shawnna Mustgrave
Assessment Technician

Shawnna is into her third year with the Assessment and Accountability team.  She compiles test data and creates reports in addition to assisting with Chesapeake local testing. Shawnna also manages our department’s webpage, the district’s testing calendar, and a district-wide electronic file cabinet for assessment data reports.

Mary Jane Rudiger
Assessment Secretary

Mary Jane is new to the Assessment and Accountability team this year.  She assists with all aspects of testing, both Statewide and local.  In addition, she helps manage the testing for our English Learner (EL) students.


Catrina Delima Administrative Secretary

Catrina Delima
Assessment Administrative Secretary

Catrina Delima is beginning her second year with the Assessment and Accountability team..  She serves as the secretary to the director of our department.  In addition, Catrina oversees our department’s inventory and budget; and manages general operation for our office.  She also assists with Chesapeake local testing.




Revised 7/23/2020