English Learners (EL)

Chesapeake Public Schools provides an individualized instructional program for students who do not speak English as their primary language. The goal of the English Learner (EL) Program is for students to become proficient in English and successful in the classroom.

Students are identified using the Home Language Survey at the time of enrollment. A diagnostic test is administered to determine whether the student qualifies for English Learner (EL) instructional services. Parents are notified of the test results.

Each student receiving services is initially placed in an age-appropriate grade level. An EL instructor is assigned to work with or monitor the progress of the student. The instructor reinforces the Standards of Learning (SOL) and utilizes the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) English Language Proficiency Standards in instruction.

Resources for EL families:

English Learner Guidelines for Participation in the VA Assessment Program

WIDA Amplified English Language Development Standards

WIDA “Can Do” Booklet – Grades 1-2
WIDA “Can Do” Booklet – Grades 3-5
WIDA “Can Do” Booklet – Grades 6-8
WIDA “Can Do” Booklet – Grades 9-12

Useful websites for EL families:










Additional Useful ESL Websites (pdf)

For additional information, please visit the EL education page on the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) website.

Revised 9/15/2020