Individual Student Alternative Education Plan Program (I.S.A.E.P.) is designed to assist nontraditional students ages 16 to 18 years of age, who are enrolled in high school and experiencing difficulty finding success in a regular classroom environment.

The purpose of the ISAEP program is to provide nontraditional students with an “alternative opportunity” to exit high school with a well-recognized credential along with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful transition into adulthood through participation in a career and technical education program.

The requirements for the program are:
-One or more years academically behind
-Initial Principal-Parent-Student (PPS) meeting.
-7.5 grade equivalent or higher on a recognized standardized measure of reading achievement (TABE).
-Student evaluation / assessment.
Achievement of a score of 125 or higher on each subtest of the GED Ready™ Practice Test
Prior to a student enrolling in the I.S.A.E.P. program he/she must:
-Receive career guidance counseling on the economic impact of failing to complete high school
-Volunteer to participate in a mandatory GED preparation program or other alternative programs approved by the local school board.
-Be enrolled or make provisions for re-enrollment in high school.

Program Completion Requirements
-successful completion of GED test
-successful completion of career and technical education (CTE) component
-successful completion personal finance curriculum
Completion of the program is only received when all I.S.A.E.P. components have been met.

I.S.A.E.P. Process
-Conduct initial principal-parent-student meeting
-Provide student with in-school evaluation/assessment to determine eligibility for entrance
-Develop the I.S.A.E.P.
-Take GED Examination.
-Exit I.S.A.E.P. Program after successfully passing the GED test and successful participation in the CTE and personal finance components.

Initial Principal-Parent-Student (PPS) Meeting
During the PPS meeting students must be made aware of his/her options and agree to the terms/conditions of the program. All potential I.S.A.E.P. students must be made aware of the fact that:
-Enrollment in the program is voluntary.
-They have the option to remain in the home school.
-They are enrolling in an alternative education program.
-They must complete all components of the I.S.A.E.P. in order to successfully complete the program.
– Student Evaluation / Assessment prior to enrolling in the program is required

The student must complete:
-Reading Achievement Test: Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE)
-GED Ready™ Practice Test
-Career and technical assessment

How to Enroll:
Interested students should contact their guidance counselor at their home school.