Administrative Staff

Dr. Jared Cotton – Superintendent

Serves as superintendent. Responds to, or designates to the appropriate administrator(s), School Board and stakeholder inquiries. Provides leadership and administrative support and guidance to staff. Monitors and supports the district’s Strategic Plan ensuring the overall success of Chesapeake Public Schools. View full profile.

Email Dr. Jared Cotton  •  (757) 547-0165  •  Cotton’s Clipboard (Blog)

Dr. Angie Smith – Chief of Staff / Clerk of the Board

Responsible for the Division of Communications, Planning and Engagement including business and community partnerships, family and community engagement, and records management. Provides general staff administration under the direction of the superintendent, and keeps a record of the meetings and proceedings of the School Board.

Email Dr. Angie Smith  •  (757) 547-1047

Mrs. Diane Edwards – Chief Academic Officer

Oversees the Division of Teaching and Learning including core academic disciplines, career and technical education, academy programs, exceptional learning, fine arts, and other key areas including instructional technology, and early childhood education.

Email Mrs. Edwards  •  (757) 547-0218

Dr. Jacqueline Miller – Chief of Schools

Oversees the Division of School Leadership and Supports which includes the departments of school leadership, health services, safety and security, transportation, conduct and support, enrollment and attendance, student activities, and facility use.

Email Dr. Jacqueline Miller  •  (757) 547-0234

Dr. Brian Austin –  Chief Human Resources OfficerDr. Brian Austin

Responsible for the recruitment and retention of district employees as head of the Division of Human Resources, including overseeing employee relations, performance evaluation, school nutrition, and professional and organizational development.

Email Dr. Brian Austin  •  (757) 547-0118


Ms. Victoria Lucente – Chief Financial Officer

Oversees the Division of Budget and Finance including accounting, and payroll, employee benefits, employee wellness, workers compensation, and risk management.

Email Ms. Victoria Lucente  •  (757) 547-1061

Ms. Paige Stutz – Chief Operations Officer

Supervises the Division of Operations for the district comprised of new construction, purchasing, school plants, custodial services, planning, and warehouse and logistical services.

Email Ms. Paige Stutz  •  (757) 547-1321



Dr. Jeff Faust – Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Directs the district’s technology plan including data operations, network, and technology services.

Email Dr. Jeff Faust  •  (757) 482-5635