Administrative Staff

 Dr. James T. Roberts
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Dr. James T. Roberts

Phone: (757) 547-0165
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Dr. Jean A. Infantino

Dr. Jean A. Infantino
Executive Director of Administrative Services/Clerk of the Board
Phone: (757) 547-1047
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Kathleen R. Pitchford

Kathleen R. Pitchford
Director of Information Technology
Phone: (757) 482-5635
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Kellie A. Goral
Kellie A. Goral
Public Information Officer
Phone: (757) 547-1033
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Penny G. Goodin

Penny G. Goodin
Program Administrator for School Improvement Planning/Program Evaluation
Phone: (757) 547-5562
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Dr. Jacqueline C. Miller

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
Dr. Jacqueline C. Miller
Phone: (757) 547-0234
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Dr. David M. Benson

Dr. David M. Benson
Director of Pupil Transportation
Phone: (757) 547-1617
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Wayne B. Martin

Wayne B. Martin
Director of Student Services
Phone: (757) 547-0585
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Dr. Anita B. James

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Anita B. James
Phone: (757) 547-0218
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 Jacqueline K. TateJacqueline K. Tate
Director of Elementary Curriculum/Instruction
Phone: (757) 547-1165
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 Dr. Michelle K. PorterDr. Michelle K. Porter
Director of High School Curriculum/Instruction
Phone: (757) 547-1134
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 Dr. Robert J. HittDr. Robert J. Hitt
Director of Planetarium
Phone: (757) 547-0153
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Dr. Craig S. PinelloDr. Craig S. Pinello
Director of Special Education
Phone: (757) 494-7600
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 Diane C. WatkinsDiane C. Watkins
Director of Assessment & Accountability
Phone: (757) 436-3316/3319
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Dr. Angela L. IsbellDr. Angela L. Isbell
Program Administrator for Federal Programs
Phone: (757) 547-1183
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 Dr. Deborah A. Hunley-StukesDr. Deborah A. Hunley-Stukes
Director of Middle School Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: (757) 547-0153
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 Dr. Dalphine A. JoppyDr. Dalphine A. Joppy
Director of Staff Development
Phone: (757) 547-0914
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Dr. Alan L. VaughanAssistant Superintendent for Human Resources and School Services
Dr. Alan L. Vaughan
Phone: (757) 547-0118
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 Dr. Sherry A. WilsonDr. Sherry A. Wilson
Director of Human Resources
Phone: (757) 547-0001
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 Joanne K. KinseyJoanne K. Kinsey
Director of School Nutrition Services
Phone: (757) 547-1470
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 Andrea H. VailAndrea H. Vail
Chesapeake Public Schools Educational Foundation Administrator and Records Management Administrator
Phone: (757) 842-4081
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  Victoria LucenteAssistant Superintendent for Budget and Finance
Victoria Lucente
Phone: (757) 547-1061
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 Marilyn A. WoodallMarilyn A. Woodall
Director of Budget
Phone: (757) 547-0860
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 James O. Ward, Jr.James O. Ward, Jr.
Director of Financial Services/Risk Management
Phone: (757) 547-1343
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 Tammy H. RodriguezTammy H. Rodriguez
Director of Accounting
Phone: (757) 547-0465
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 Theodore L. FaulkTheodore L. Faulk
Administrative Director of Accounting & Finance
Phone: (757) 547-0294
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  J. Paige StutzAssistant Superintendent for Operations
J. Paige Stutz
Phone: (757) 547-1321
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 Dr. John A. BaileyDr. John A. Bailey
Director of School Plants
Phone: (757) 547-0139
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 Douglas R. ParksDouglas R. Parks
Supervisor of Warehouse
Phone: (757) 547-2036
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 Loukisha J. AllenLoukisha J. Allen
Director of Purchasing
Phone: (757) 547-0265
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 Samuel W. WarrenSamuel W. Warren
Supervisor of Custodial Services
Phone: (757) 547-2197
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 John J. BertocchiJohn J. Bertocchi
New Construction & Planning Administrator
Phone: (757) 547-0013
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