Addressing a Concern

If you wish to express a concern please contact the appropriate school professional. Please reference the following guidance-

icon reads "Start at the school"1 – Staff Member

When you wish to express a concern, first talk with the school personnel closest to the issue. Parents often find that discussing the matter with the teacher can resolve the issue satisfactorily. Parents can access contact information for school staff on their ParentVUE account.

icon to represent contacting the school Principal2 – School Principal

If speaking with the teacher or staff does not resolve your concern, discuss the issue with the school principal.
School and Center Directory

icon to represent the School Administration Building3 – Central Office

If your concern does not resolve to your satisfaction at the school level, contact the appropriate central office director. Please message Let’s Talk to get in touch with the appropriate director.

icon to represent writing to the Superintendent4 – Superintendent

If you disagree with a decision or action taken at the school and the central office, you may appeal to the Superintendent.


icon to represent School Board5 – School Board

If you wish to appeal the Superintendent’s decision to the School Board, send a Notification of Appeal to the Clerk of the Board.