2022 Administrative Appointments: Educator Profiles 2

The School Board of Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) approved Superintendent Dr. Jared Cotton’s recommendation at the May 9, 2022, School Board meeting to appoint the following individuals to new roles within the district starting July 1, 2022:

Mr. Michael Bailey

Mr. Michael R. Bailey has been appointed director of human resources. In a career that spans 30 years, Mr. Bailey has served as a special education teacher and administrator, an assistant principal, a principal, and a human resources administrator. He currently serves as the assistant director of human resources and is looking forward to continuing his work to support the human resources staff and their efforts to recruit, retain, and support our valued employees.

Dr. Tracy Cioppa

Dr. Tracy A. Cioppa has been named the interim director of assessment and accountability. With over 20 years of career experience, Dr. Cioppa has served as a middle school teacher, a middle and high school assistant principal, and currently serves as the principal of Cedar Road Elementary (CRE). She expresses her gratitude to the students and community of CRE for the opportunity to serve the past 6 years and is thrilled and honored to join the team in Assessment and Accountability to support the school division’s core priorities to promote student achievement and continuous student growth.

Ms. Sharae Brown

Ms. Sharae N. Brown will be the new Title 1 administrator for instructional programs. She has 15 years of experience in education in Chesapeake. Sharae has served as a teacher and assistant principal. For the past 3 years, Sharae has served as the proud principal of Rena B. Wright Primary School. She has a passion for Title I and is honored to be selected for such a position. Her goal is to serve the Title I community faithfully and with a smile!

Mrs. Heather Ward

Mrs. Heather D. Martin will be the new principal of Great Bridge Middle School.  She has 26 years of experience in education, 23 of which have been with Chesapeake Public Schools.  Mrs. Martin served this past year as principal of Grassfield Elementary School.  Prior to that position, Mrs. Martin was principal of Great Bridge Primary for three years and Great Bridge Intermediate for eight years.  As a Great Bridge High School graduate, Mrs. Martin is elated to return back “home” to the Great Bridge community and looks forward to partnering with the students and staff of Great Bridge Middle School.  Pride and Tradition!

Ms. Michelle Ferebee

Mrs. Michelle A. Ferebee will be the new principal of Deep Creek Elementary (DCE). Mrs. Ferebee has been with Chesapeake Public Schools for 29 years. She has been an intermediate school teacher, middle school English teacher, Title I instructional specialist, and high school assistant principal. Currently, she is the proud principal of G.W. Carver Intermediate. She is grateful to the South Norfolk community for allowing her to serve in this capacity for the past eight years. Mrs. Ferebee is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with all stakeholders in the DCE community and is committed to working in partnership with families to produce strong and mighty hornets!

Mrs. Micheal Ottley

Mrs. Micheal W. Ottley will be the new principal of Grassfield Elementary. Mrs. Ottley is completing her 22nd year in education, all of which she has served in Chesapeake Public Schools. Currently she serves as principal of Truitt Intermediate and will miss working with and supporting her Tigers but is looking forward to learning and growing with the Gators in the Grassfield community!

Mrs. Felecia Gray-Frazier

Mrs. Felecia A. Gray-Frazier will be the new principal of G. A. Treakle Elementary. Mrs. Gray-Frazier is completing her 26th year of her career in education, all served in Chesapeake. She has served as a teacher, a technology integration specialist, and as an assistant principal. She is excited to add principal to her list of career experience and looks forward to working with all stakeholders in the G. A. Treakle community.

Dr. David Richels

Dr. David J. Richels will be the new principal of Greenbrier Intermediate (GRI). Dr. Richels has 18 years of experience in education, all in Chesapeake Public Schools. Currently serving as assistant principal of Carver Intermediate, this appointment is Dr. Richels’ first opportunity to serve as principal. He is honored and humbled to join the pride of panthers at Greenbrier Intermediate.

The following appointments were also approved during the May 9, 2022, School Board meeting:

Mr. Jonathan G. Kesner, from assistant principal, Chesapeake Center for Student Success, to assistant principal, Indian River Middle.

Dr. Karen R. Settles, from assistant principal, Grassfield Elementary, to assistant principal, Greenbrier Middle.

Mr. Chad D. Triolet, from assistant principal, Sparrow Road Intermediate, to assistant principal, Jolliff Middle.

Mr. Ress R. Walker, from assistant principal, Deep Creek Middle, to assistant principal, Hickory Middle.