2020-2021 School Calendar and Hours

In order to address growth, provide support, and improve service, school hours will be adjusted according to a three-tiered system beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.

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7:35 a.m.     All Elementary and Primary Schools
8:15 a.m.     All Intermediate Schools and 4 Middle Schools
8:55 a.m.     All High Schools and 6 Middle Schools

  • addressing GROWTH:
    • Continued growth means larger enrollment and longer bus routes.
  • providing SUPPORT:
    • New tiers will reduce stress on our bus drivers. The current system does not allow ample time for routine traffic issues.
    • More time for drivers to complete routes and report to a second or third-tier.
    • The tiered system will create surplus drivers available to cover vacant routes, resulting in fewer double back and double-up runs.
  • improving SERVICE:
    • Decreased student tardies across the district due to late bus arrivals.
    • Decreased wait times for parents/families at bus stops.

The following items were identified as areas to consider as we implement this initiative:

  • Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) is seeking to expand its school-based childcare options across the district to include both before and after school options.  An RFP is being drafted and we plan to have these additional resources in place by September 2020, to assist families who may require before or after school care.
Extracurricular Activities
Student Jobs
  • The middle and high school sports schedules will not change because of the adjustments to the school start and stop times.  Also, the buses that transport students home from after-school activities, such as sports practices, club meetings, or remediation sessions, will continue to run each evening as scheduled, however, they may run 10-15 minutes later.
  • Students who work after school may be impacted by as much as 15 minutes.  CPS is exploring the option to expand our online course offerings in the 2020-21 school year to allow more opportunities that would accommodate students with these unique scheduling needs.
Bus Drivers
  • Many respondents were concerned about an earlier start time for our bus drivers; however, the feedback from these employees has been favorable as they will not experience a significant change in start time as this initiative is implemented.
  • Several respondents expressed the need to increase compensation for our bus drivers and we are exploring this option. 
  • To address any safety concerns we are implementing a new communications tool, School Bus Hub, that will allow parents to receive updates on the location of their child’s bus.  This tool will be available district-wide in September. During its implementation, the district will transition from bus numbers to bus routes to ensure consistent communication.  This tool will allow tracking for the ride to and from school and should result in less wait time at bus stops.
  • Another safety initiative that is currently being implemented is the addition of stop-arm cameras on our buses.  This will deter motorists from passing school buses as they load or unload our students.
Staff Hours
  • The new model allows for three distinct start times for our schools.  This will streamline our staff start times across the district as well, making Chesapeake more attractive for substitutes working in our district in all positions.
  • Research says that high school students are more alert later in the morning and perform better when school starts later.  When adjusting our school start and stop times, our schools that house older students will fall on the final tier that begins at 8:55 a.m.